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Welcome to Harrogate

Harrogate's historic claim as Britain's premier inland spa is based on the 87 different springs arising within the town boundaries.

The Routine

The basic recommended length for the "cure" was for a period of not less than three weeks for "permanent benefit to be gained" and to be followed, in some instances, by a further visit to the seaside. Visitors were also encouraged to take the waters and bathing treatment under prescription.

7.00-8.00amRise and visit Pump Room for first tumbler of water
7.00-8.15amWalk about, listening to the band
8.15amTake second tumbler of water
8.15-9.00amListen to the band and if prescribed take third glass of water
For some people it is advisable that they drive; either by omnibus, carriage, or bath chair but the walk home can be advantageous if it can be accomplished without undue fatigue. Care should be taken to avoid exertion.
10.00-11.00amMorning paper or letter writing
11.00amShopping/Walk/Listen to band/or Bath
11.30amSecond visit to Pump Room
1.00pmRest for half an hour
1.30pmLunch to be followed by one hour of rest
Afternoon. Driving, Walking, Cycling, Golfing or third visit to Pump Room. Afternoon tea in Gardens listening to the band
Concert room
For some patients massage is better than exercise